InterWrite PRS RF Personal Response System Student Remote

InterWrite PRS RF Personal Student Remote

Product Description

Personal Response Radio Frequency "clicker" used for interactive learning in higher education.

Product Features

  • Includes instruction manual
  • Takes three AAA batteries (not included)
  • Screen protector on device's screen

Customer Reviews

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Junk broke after 1 semster!, September 9, 2010
M. A. Mcduffie "Rocking Nash" (Okc)
This product is a joke! I have clicker points during class and the thing would work half the time and not the other half! I just missed some points out of my class grade due to this. At first I thought it was the batteries so I replaced the batteries and thing wont even turn on now. I called Customer service center spoke with 7 people there for 2 freaking hours! They told me it was broke I need TO BUY A NEW ONE! I wrote the CEO of the company because I am sick of poor products and poor customer service.

Interesting Idea, June 19, 2009
Customer "Arlu" (Stockton, CA)
I used my device in a college class that had a large student capacity. The "clicker" takes a while to load up so we would have to turn it on at the begining of class so it was ready to go at the middle or end of class for our pop quiz. There were some tech challenged students in class, which made it harder to use effectively. The large number of students (100+) caused interference occasionally so it would not always record your answer on the first try, making the timed pop quizes stressful, because you weren't sure you could get your answer in on time.

I thought the idea was interesting, I think the instructor liked it because it would keep track of the students answers, and grades. It would probably be great to use in a class that had fewer students so that you don't need to worry about interference.

GREAT CLICKER!, May 11, 2009
I've been ordering these kinds of clickers from and eBay for quite a while now because I am a high school science teacher who wants my own set of clickers to use with students that are flexible (homework assignments, quizzes, tests, instant feedback).

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